Sunday, 28 April 2013

Phil's Big Game

So 24 of Bournemouths best Poker player's (STOP LAUGHING!) came to the Con Club to contest Mr Luck Box'es Birthday game. And what a game it turned out to be!!!
20K Stack's and 20 minute blind's would be a new hunting ground for some of the Hop's donks and for the few that had played ante's before, a mine field to tip toe through.
The fact it was a Charity game went out the window early when AA twice and KK were cracked on the 'Donk' table but as no one was so silly as to get it all in we were still playing 24.
This didnt last long tho as one by one the bad beat stories started, Edam boring people with his, and it was down to 2 tables by 200/400.
Despite Gavin whinging about the lack of breaks and Tony NOT playing his usual junk we were still playing 14 at the Ante's. This is where it started going wrong! Not sure where 'put 100 in pre flop' gets complicated but my decision to dump Ante's at the 200 level was a good idea imho!!!
While all this was going on, Sir stephen Aplin was doing his usual Cash game collection and Milno was topping up his Cruise Beer fund on the cash table.
I won't go through all the bad beats and good calls but we ended up with a 9 handed Final table! and after Sharon/Phil/Dan W and Tony... YES TONY! had gone we decided that 5th should be paid as it was going on SOOOO long. The 5 to be paid were Gavin, Jodie, Robbie, Dan D and Alex.
Gavin got his percentages wrong and went in 5th and  as Dan W had got his wish and went to work not long before Alex followed him out the door. This left Robbie, Jodie and Dan D to battle it out for the £220 and the seat for the next game......
Want to know what happened next? Who won? Why Bezza sould have been thrown out of havanna? and did lee pull??.....
Next Blog may tell you... xx

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

First thought